Friday, August 14, 2009


In this increasingly polarized atmosphere that is our country, there is an underlying framework that is supposed to be common to us all. It is supposed to be the guide and limit to all actions of our government. It is increasingly ignored by professional politicians of both stripes each building upon the excesses of the previous. That framework is the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION including the bill of rights.

There is currently a campaign to attack those of us who notice and object. There is no attack on those who usurp power not granted to them under the Constitution by our watchdogs, the free press. The tenth amendment and its brother the ninth do not exist and have not for a long time. The second is constantly belittled as are the fourth and fifth. The first is now under attack by no less than the President himself.

But what is new is the abuse of the main document itself. Sure, we long ago gave up the money portions of Article One and that may be the first straw on our back. But now, even with a friendly Congress, the very organization of the Executive Branch is extra-legal, being built on a group of executives called Czars that are all powerful, unelected, unvetted by Congress, un-impeachable, and not answerable to subpoena. And no one sees a problem with that?

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