Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Paid Protestors"

The Democrat Representatives and their allies in the media are making a major mistake. They are projecting their own behavior onto their opposition without thinking it through.

The Democrat Party has long employed groups, ACORN being the most famous, to fill and disrupt meetings; to protest outside homes and businesses; and to intimidate others.
Now they and their allies in the media are accusing the opposing audience at their town hall meetings of the same thing. There is a problem with this. The dissenting audience members being called "thugs", "NAZIs" and worse, are ordinary people. Ordinary people you might know. They are not just some nameless faceless person on the evening news. These are your parents, your classmates, your friends, and your neighbors. They are not the people who protest everything - Darfur this week and legalize pot next week. These people quietly sat home and took the abuse for the last 40 years and finally had enough.

They know they are not NAZIs and thugs, and they especially know they are not being paid. And they just might hold a grudge on election day - one that is bigger than your ACORN election rigging.

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