Saturday, July 25, 2009

Your Salary Just Went Down

They raised the minimum wage last night. Your salary just went down.

You were earning Minimum wage + X now you are earning Minimum wage + X - 0.70.

Those people who bring nothing but a breathing body to the work place just got a raise. Those people with no training, no education, no work ethic, no drive; those people who are just barely worth employing at all just got a 9.36% raise. I'll bet you didn't.

But it makes everyone feel good that we are helping those "unfortunates". Those unlucky people in life who couldn't be bothered to actually learn something in school or show up every day at work are somehow more valuable than those of us with a good work ethic.

The truth is, that if you make it too easy, there is no incentive.

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clzuhde said...

I received a COL raise this year. Somehow it was significantly less than the amount these people just received. Somehow it did not offset the 'cost of living'. So is that why I feel I just got screwed, again, and no cigarette afterwards?

I guess I best head for bed. Tomorrow is Sunday. I have to get up and go to work. 0400 comes early. I'll be looking for that cigarette tomorrow when I get off!;)