Friday, July 24, 2009


When I indicate my dislike of the changes to our country President Obama is ramrodding through our Congress, there is a standard answer I get - "Well, your boy Bush did {this or that}" with the implication that I like whatever Bush did. As a libertarian, I find little difference in the strong-central-government policies of either man save for the speed and enormity of President Obama's changes. There is another implication - it is that the questioner does find a difference between the two and prefers the strong-central-government of President Obama.

What I do not understand is the trust they have that his accumulation of power in the Oval Office is benign even though the lesser accumulation of President Bush was malignant. Despite decades of every interaction with the federal government being incompetent at best. And despite being those interactions always being uncaring, impersonal, disinterested, aloof and arrogant; somehow they anticipate that this time will be different.

And further, since my interactions with Obama supporters are with the working class, those who get up in the morning and earn a paycheck and not those who professionally rely on the beneficence of others, the only conclusions I can reach are that somehow they expect that:
1) They will increase their condition when they receive the redistribution of someone else's labor;
2) They believe that the government is better able to see to their needs than they themselves are.

As an example, consider health care. With number one, they are expecting the Government to steal the labor of Doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and ,oh yes,the evil rich i.e. the people with higher incomes than you, and give it to them. Folks that ain't gonna happen, not long anyway. And even if it does for a while, when you strip away the smoke and mirrors you are looking at nothing more than common theft and slavery with only someone else doing the dirty work for you.

With number two? I have no simple answer other than - go stare into a mirror a while.

Trust that his time it is going to be different? Yeah, right.

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luxomni said...

No matter how many times they are lied to, a true Obamamaniac never ceases to believe.
Obama would never misuse his massive accumulation of power. Noooo.