Friday, July 31, 2009

Senator Christopher Dodd

Senator Christopher Dodd, Senior Senator from the State of Connecticut, and hereditary politician and Senator has announced today that he has prostate cancer and will undergo prostate surgery in early August, in other words, in the next few days. Senator Dodd is 65 years old.

During my cancer treatments in Atlanta, Georgia in 2005, the radiation clinic that treated me was also treating a number of Canadian men for prostate cancer. Apparently using the considerations of age (most prostate sufferers are in advanced years), and prognosis (prostate is often, but not always, a slow moving cancer) Canadian government health care postpones treatment for reasons of economy.

Fortunately, Senator Dodd is in the United States and the new Obama-care health system is not yet in force, so he will get the treatment he needs and age and prognosis will not be considerations of whether he will get the treatment.

Then again, age and prognosis will never matter for him, for he is a member of the elite political class who does not have to live by the same rules and deprivations they visit on us, the hoi polloi

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