Saturday, November 8, 2008

First impressions

My "real" job is to keep the electricity and electrical systems running in a large public school system. I have noticed a few things this week after the election of Barak Obama.
My first shock was the behavior of the teachers - or at least the black ones. The celebration, the dancing, high-fiving and cries of "We won", while not surprising, were inappropriate in the setting of the schools. Had the results been opposite, similar actions by white teachers could be considered criminal.
Two, the expressed presumption that I was a McCain supporter (I voted for him, but I was anything but a supporter) by a black teacher is prejudice. period. Plus, she overlooks that more white persons voted for Obama than black persons did. That's right. Blacks make up about 12% of the population and Obama got more than 55% of the vote. Without the white vote, he would have had 11% of the vote. Total. So four times as many whites and asians voted for Obama as blacks did.
One more. The custodians in my schools. Once a job for uneducated blacks, our custodians more and more are from second and third world countries. Daily I encounter Romanians, Bosnians, Serbs, Russians, Moldavians, Cambodians, Vietnamese, lots of Cubans and a Herzogovnian. Most are working below their educational level and their occupations in their old countries. They are all refugees from Communist countries and all that I have talked to so far are unhappy with this election -- and scared. Many are better informed than I. My earlier post on killings being an integral part of every Communist revolution from the French Revolution until Venezuela came from a particularly outspoken Cuban custodian. A Vietnamese yesterday cautioned me about re-education camps. "They tell you bring ten days food. Stay twenty years."
We have spoken much about "media bias" during this election --CBS, CNBC, CNN, New York Times. And we have had our "new media" Fox, Worldnetnet Daily, Little Green Footballs, Rush, Hannity, Boortz and Glen Beck. But there is another "new media" out there. The ethnic presses of the various immigrant communities. And they recognize what is happening even if our children don't. They have seen it before. The road to hell on earth paved with good intentions. And they are scared of reliving the past.
I am not thrilled about the election, but I do not harbor that kind of fear -- yet. I am more afraid of social upheaval; a disruption of the food chain similar to the one that disrupted the gasoline supplies last month. Combine that with confiscation of the registered guns (you can not really believe that that thieves and owners of unregistered and stolen guns are going to turn theirs in -- do you?) and that redistribution of wealth is obvious and simple. Your food - their mouths. And I do believe that neither Obama the man nor Obama the phenomenum can or desire to protect us.

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