Monday, November 17, 2008

Atlanta's underfunded arts

Letter to the Editor after an article in the local counterculture paper.
Mara quoted Karen Tauches:
"It's a double standard," she says. "You're supposed
to make art at this international, expensive level;
like it's no good unless it's manufactured and
clean, it's in a crisp, white space, and it gets
pressed in Art in America or something."

It always seems to come down to the same thing, doesn't it? You as an artist want somebody else to pay for your art whether they want to or not. Then, yes, we should get to choose what we think is good enough to pay for, not you; after all it is our money you want to be given.
Think of someone actually paying for your art as the ultimate critical review of your work. The only artistic review I can think of that was better was the one given by to another government funded artist by the cleaning crew of the about to be opened Richard Russell Federal Building when they carried it out to the dumpster with the rest of the trash.

You want money for art? Do something that someone else will want to keep seeing. You want to be paid whether they like it or not -- and you really don't care whether you do please them or not. In fact you revel in the superiority of your taste over that of the ordinary people you want to fund your work. You are in it for your own enjoyment. There is a term for doing something solely for your own enjoyment without trying to please another person. That term is masturbation.

(BTW, Karen, you look really dumb in that badly tied tie)

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