Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dis-establishing Another Holiday

The Liberal politically Correct faction of our society is disassembling our culture one holiday at a time. First they killed off Columbus Day and most recently they killed off any public expression of Christmas, even secular.

This morning (11/23/08) I was listening to PBS on XM radio. This is not something I normally do, but while learning the new XM channels, I had tuned past and stayed on Prairie Home Companion. So when I drove to the store this morning PBS was on. I am not familiar enough to name person and show, but the point of the interview was plain enough -- Pilgrims. African Americans in the South and Hispanics in California can not identify with Pilgrims. Even Russian immigrants in New York City can not identify with Thanksgiving. So it is a Holiday that has lived past its prime. No mention of assimilating to an existing tradition. No mention of establishing commonalities. Simply stated, there weren't any minority Pilgrims, so it has to go.

I think I'll just go cry somewhere. But I am Thankful we had it for most of my life.

p.s. Yesterday was November 22nd. It passed for me without hearing without any mention of 1963. Every newscast contained Jan 20th 2009 though.

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