Sunday, August 3, 2008

There Really Are Two Americas

There really are two Americas, they just aren't the two the press thinks they are.
Thirty-two years ago, the New Yorker magazine did a famous cover showing how New York views the rest of the country.
San Francisco is just the West Coast New York, and they view the rest of us the same way, just facing East. There is nothing of any importance between the two coasts; and there is no intelligence to be found outside of the great megalopolises. And the people who live in those horrid places in the middle need to be told how to live.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi demonstrated her elite contempt for the ordinary American People once again. Nancy, who represents San Francisco, who is chauferred everywhere in a limo or private jet, who knows that the answer to the petroleum crisis is simply public transportation, personally bottled up any chance of our country breaking free of our dependence on importing oil by shutting down the session of the United States House of Representatives without allowing a direct vote on lifting the ban on offshore drilling -- even though it is favored by 75% of both the population and the Representatives, both Republican and Democrat. Let them use public transportation. Got any cable cars up there in rural Wisconsin?

But more than that, she is counting on her perception of the stupidity of the American populace. She wants us to blame the President once again for the actions of Congress, or more particularly those of Nancy Pelosi. Will she be right?

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