Saturday, August 30, 2008

Abortion, there I've said it.

I promise to piss everyone off with my opinion. Left and right. If I don't piss you off, there is something wrong with you, not me.

First let me state emphatically that not only have I never had one, I never will.

Having made that clear, let me further state that the Federal Government has no business in the discussion at all. This should have been an Article IX or and Article X issue. Not every issue is a National issue. If the good people of Berkeley wish to abort every pregnancy in the area, we might be better off. If the people of Utah want to proscribe the procedure from their State, more power to them. If you do not like either of those, Vote with your feet.

As it stands now, this issue has assumed far too much prominence in our governmental selection process. And in the process has distorted the parties from the Democrat which originally meant rule by plurality of public desires and whim, and Republican which meant rule by constant equally-enforced law. As Neal Boortz says a nation of men or a nation of laws. Instead, the law has unintended consequences -- What law does not? Our parties have metamorphed and polarized into the pro-abortion Socialists, and the anti-abortion socialists, as people put aside all other convictions and issues for this one issue.

Does no one understand that this decisive issue will never meet in agreement? And if this country is to survive and endure, we must stress those things on which we agree? This disagreement must be kept civil.

Roe v Wade was both good and bad law. Good in that it established reproductive privacy as a right. Then keep it private. Keep it to yourself. Bad in that it was one more nail into the supremacy of the U. S. Constitution. It was one more chip out of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments which were so thoughtfully established with our constitution to keep power with the States and the People.

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