Friday, August 29, 2008

My first impression of Sarah Palin

I have written before of candidates running for the Presidency who do not know what the difference in the job of a Senator and a President. Obama's speech last night was full of differences he was going to make in making laws for the United States.

Back to Mrs. Palin

On the TV news* tonight I heard the predicted -- "She has no experience except two years as Governor"

None of the other three candidates for President and Vice President: Obama, Biden nor McCain have any executive experience AT ALL. They are Senators. Their experience however much or slight is in making laws for someone else to try to make work.

Sarah Palin may only have been a Governor for two years, and only a mayor of a 9000 person city, and boss of a small fishing company, but any one of those three is more experience than any of the other three major candidates has ever had . I can't speak for McCain yet, but the other two sound like they are running for the head lawmaker, rather than the Chief Executive. Obama, Biden, and McCain have never had to keep to a budget, provide services, or try to comply with the regulations passed by the Senate in which they sit.

The things I hear about her have been the things I was missing in the surviving candidates and most of the eliminated ones.

So more power to her. I wish McCain was running as her Vice President

* At least Charlie Gibson, but probably all of the alphabet Obama support networks. They are not even trying to hide their bias any longer.

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