Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Mask

The Mask
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I am a few days late posting this to my blog.

This week marks the third anniversary of the start of my radiation and chemotherapy. The ninth of March 2005 was the date of my first radiation session under the mask that you see to the right. The mask pinned me to a hard plastic table under a gantry arm that bombarded the back of my mouth and throat with radiation. For twenty minutes, I could not move so much as an eyebrow. Before each session I spent two-and-a-half hours or so in the chemo clinic being given drips of various things like Atavan and especially Amifostine. I then had a half hour to commence my radiation at a clinic a half mile down the street. They literally moved me in front of whoever else was waiting.
On Fridays they add a few hours of chemotherapy as well.

My Radiologist, Dr. Hamilton Williams, and my Oncologist, Dr. Stephen Szabo literally saved my life. Buy my GP, Dr. Gerald Adler deserves the most credit for expediting my diagnosis and treatment. Remember, time is the enemy. If you have an suspicion, have it checked. Promptness may save your life.

My wife, Melinda, does not understand why I treasure this thing and will not part with it. But everyone I have known who ever had one either treasures it or wished they had.

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