Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Law

In the Old Testament, Moses codified the many rules necessary for a good and healthy life. In Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, Moses enumerated law after law for the children of Isreal. But it was too much for the people to understand, much less observe;
So when Moses went up on the mountain, God appeared unto Moses and gave him something the people could understand and keep: Ten simple Commandments. These the people should be able to keep. In fact this set of rules should be understandable and beneficial to all - Jew, Christian Hindi, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist et al.
But, NO, we could not or would not understand nor keep even these laws;
So God, sent his Son, Jesus, down to walk among men with one simple message, one Golden Rule so simple that no one should be able to avoid it: no matter how your particular religion phrases it, the message is the same. Treat others as you would be treated.

But now fast forward to the twenty-first century.
Fast forward to a Government of lawyers.
Fast Forward to 15 feet of law books and seven more of Supreme Court decisions on a lawyer's book case.
Fast forward to a legal system that corrupts the simple laws of the ten commandments with definitions and boundaries that say "Thou shalt not steal, but it isn't stealing if..."
Fast forward to a Government where even displaying these simple Commandments is a violation in itself.
Fast forward to a system where Judges do not judge, but instead have minimum sentencing guidelines making them mere referees.
Fast forward to a system of laws that confusing and so contradictory that not only can no-one understand them but a lawyer can make them say anything he wants.
Fast forward to a Congressional system that does not feel that it is doing anything unless they are making more laws.
Fast forward to a system where they aren't done making laws yet.

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