Thursday, March 13, 2008

Change - any change at all

A thought occurred to me while reading an old friends new blog. She describes herself as running on the conservative side of thought. It made me think of all the Conservative and all the Liberals I have ever known. Almost by definition, conservatives are happy with their station in life; they want to keep what the have. And as a result they are happy people.
And the contrapositive, the Liberals I know are not happy with the way things are or themselves.
Often they are not just sad, but angry. They think change - any change at all - will improve their lives. Hence, we have a presumptive Democratic candidate who promise merely change - unspecified change - and they crowd goes wild with anticipation.

I sit libertarian, so I don't know what that makes me other than someone who just wants the government to go away and leave me alone save for the true and proper policing powers of the state - protection from theft of life, liberty, or property.

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