Friday, February 15, 2008

Waxman wake up.

Henry, why is your committee wasting its time investigating cheating in baseball? By that I mean steroid use. What next? Cheating in little league? That kid on the Orioles is really thirteen when the kids are supposed to be 12 or younger. Call a congressional investigation.

Henry, you are a member of the United States House of Representatives. You are supposed to be deliberating the finances and security of our country. If you have some trouble with that, see if you can't find a copy of the United States Constitution and read it. This is at best a local police issue -- except that it would be past the statute of limitations there.

What should he be looking at? The invasion of this country from Mexico? The war against the Western world from the Muslim extremists? What our response should be when (not if) we are attacked with NBC weapons? The gangs that have formed alternative governments in our cities and towns? The abuse of our welfare system by career recipients? Violence in schools?

What is he looking at? Six year old charges of steroid abuse? Yes. Use of human growth hormone which wasn't even illegal at that time? Yep. And the press is his accomplice in providing bread and circuses to a population that cares more about the baseball record book than their future way of life.

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