Friday, February 15, 2008

Sense of Proportion

Thinking of Henry Waxman's television posturing reminded me of something that drives me crazy every time I see an example of it, something endemic to our culture. That is dealing with any problem at the highest level possible rather than at the lowest level we can. You have a problem with your neighbor's lawn needing to be cut? You call the Zoning enforcement at your county commission. What you should have done is call him and see if his lawnmower might have died, or as in my case if he was massively ill with cancer and was unable to deal with the lawn right now. Hell, you might even help him.

The teacher sent home a note that your child was not behaving in school? Obviously start with a complaint to the Principal or maybe the School Board.

Things that should be dealt with at the city level are attacked at the state level; and those items that are legitimately the state's authority and responsibility routinely end up, at the United States Supreme Court.

There are things that are routinely the province of the Federal Government. But how are you going to usurp that authority? Is that why the whiny want us under the authority of the United Nations and theWorld Court?

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clzuhde said...

Great minds think alike! Awaiting the next post.