Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Racial Knowledge Test

Quick, which political party is which? ....... Republican? or Democrat
Which party ...
1) ... was formed to free slaves? (R) or (D)
2) ... had the most black elected officials prior to welfare? (R) or (D)
3) ... had its first black U.S Representative in 1870? (R) or (D)
4) ... had its first black U.S Representative in 1944? (R) or (D)
5) ... was badgered by the media about the flag flying over the South Carolina state capitol even though he opposed it? (R) or (D)
6) ... had not had a Governor nor Representative in
South Carolina in over 100 years? (R) or (D)
7) ... barred blacks from integrating schools? (R) or (D)
8) ... barred blacks from integrating colleges? (R) or (D)
9) ... had a President send the National Guard to
protect those first black students? (R) or (D)
10) ... had the President with the most people of color in
his cabinet and staff? (R) or (D)
11) ... has a sitting Senator who was a KKK leader? (R) or (D)

1) R, 2) R, 3) R (Hiram Rhodes Reveal), 4) D (Adam Clayton Powell), 5) R (McCain), 6) R, 7) D (Orville Faubus), 8) D (George Wallace), 9) R (Eisenhower),10) R (G W Bush), 11) D (Byrd)

So, how did you do? And why do you suppose you didn't know the answers?

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