Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thoughts on law

There are many rules in life that are self-punishing.
These are often the most important. i.e. "Do not remove safety guard over blade of saw".

The Laws of Physics are not as easily ignored as the laws of man.

The Laws of Economics on the other hand, may be ignored, but at your own peril; for eventually they will eventually come back to get you. After Nixon froze wages and prices, Carter opened up the dam. Carter got the blame, but the real problem was the freeze.

The Laws of Government are often enacted for purposes other than their stated purpose. Morality laws, like drugs and sex, especially fit this definition. Do they really want to help the addict? Then why not send him to treatment? It would be cheaper.

Originally, for every stupid warning label, there was once someone stupid enough to do it. Now the lawyers have stepped in and thought of worse cases. Since the new warnings come from the mind of lawyers, I presume these are warnings of what lawyers might do. "Do not stick head in fan".

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