Saturday, January 19, 2008

Six Stages Of A Project

Those who know me know that I cannot stress this one enough. It may well be the lynchpin of all group actions. If you are working on a group project consider and determine where you are now.

From your second grade project to an Ocean Liner to a war, every project has the same six stages:

1) Great Expectations. Every project begins with hope. "We're going to build the Taj Mahal".

2) Diminished hopes. That scaling back to something possible. "OK, it'll just be an ordinary block building."

3) Utter Panic. The realization that it is not all going to come together.

4) Search for the Guilty. "Someone is to blame."

5) Punishment of the Innocent. "We must find someone powerless to pin this on."

6) The Heaping of Rewards and Praise on the Non-Participants. The executives and board members who never saw the job before, now are congratulated on what a great job they did.

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