Saturday, January 19, 2008

There are only three possiblities

When you send money to the government there are three, and only three, possibilities.These are true whether you are an individual or a state.

1) You could get back more than you put in. This may make you a winner. But are you really? Or are you just a thief taking using the Government to steal from poor case number two?

2) You will get back less in money or services than you put in to the system.
In this case you have something to really complain about. You have been robbed!*

3) You may get back the same amount as you put in, in which case, what did you need them for in the first place?

* You may even think you are helping someone else, but it may not be who you think it is. That person who is standing between you and your beneficiary is not there as a charity gesture himself. You are benefiting him (or her) as well or greater than the ultimate beneficiary of your largess.

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