Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fair and Balanced.

Fair and balanced is not just an expression, some one nicknamed jayzz posted it best over on Real Clear Politics:

The difference between MSNBC's coverage, and Fox News coverage of the election results is that Fox News is not ridiculing any of the democratic winners. Fox News is showing the speeches of the winners, and treating them with respect. MSNBC is laughing at republican winners, and ridiculing them. The liberal media is disgusting.

This is what the Liberals do not get. This is why CNN is losing ratings to Fox. Civility. The Progressive movement is about [perceived] superiority. They believe themselves to be the elite ... the intellectual elite. And they have teamed up with the financial elite to put the rest of us "great unwashed", "rubes", "hicks", "country class" out here in "flyover country" in "our place".

Well, Chris Matthews, Luxomni wouldn't even swap his mean little country home for your Park Avenue Apartment. I have seen (and lived) in a few of the blue areas¹ of your map. Not a life a sane person should want.

¹ You guys controlled the media. Any particular reason you kept blue and gave us red? Like maybe red was too closely associated with who you are pretending not to be?

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