Friday, November 5, 2010

Bridgeport, Connecticut Found a Bag of Uncounted Ballots!

In an election related development, it is reported that election officials have found a bag of "uncounted ballots" under a bridge in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Previously there was a problem with insufficient preprinted ballots, so the State of Connecticut officials had to Xerox sufficient ballots for the number of people voting. Now a bag has been found that was previously uncounted that changed the State Governor's race from Republican to Democrat. This raises several interesting questions:

1) Why is it that these "mistakes" always seem to favor the Democrat candidate?

2) Were just enough found to get the job done?

3a) Did they even bother to make some Republican fraudulent ballots to look like an honest mistake?
3b) Or did the not even have to worry about that kind of scrutiny?

4) Were the ballots Xeroxed with the candidates already selected so that it would be less work filling them in?

Just like Florida, the press will ignore the fact that the cheating occurs at the county level; and all the state does is total the results from each county. They never even see the ballots. (Or didn't back when there was visible evidence.) If only our news reporters had taken basic civics.

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