Sunday, October 10, 2010

War Against The Weak

I am currently reading War Against The Weak, Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race, by Edwin Black. I would describe it as alternately fascinating, boring, horrifying, and intriguing. It documents many of the things Glenn Beck has spoken of on his television show for the last few months - in great detail, and referenced and documented. It will go on, I have been clued in, to explain how the Fabians, Socialists, and Progressives and their elitist attempt to engineer the family tree of mankind became Hitler's attempt to prune that tree by genocide.

The question I am awaiting the answer for is: When did the Progressives change from being elitists trying to eliminate us lesser people from competing in the Malthusian dilemma to elitists being our benefactor protecting us from every sling-and-arrow of life, physics, economics, and biology? Or indeed, Have they?

I have pondered for a long time why so many "Liberal"¹ policies seem to side with death over life. You know, little things like abortion, of course; but also euthanasia; disarming the potential victims of crime; opposition to execution or even harsh imprisonment of violent criminals²; the destruction (in the name of fairness) of the World's best medical system³; policies that will inevitably destroy the currency and savings of the elderly and others on fixed incomes; and an almost zealous promotion of homosexuality coupled with a suspension of normal epidemic tracking of aids (even making a person's AIDS status a secret from the very medical people who would come into contact with him)⁴.

My Democratic Liberal friends seem to have a blind faith in the Federal Government whenever the titular head is a Democrat and a blind paranoia about the Presidency when a Republican is in charge despite the fact that there is little change other than a minimal reduction in the progress forward to total government control of our lives. This, despite the fact that there is an elite ruling class that comprises both parties with a common Ivy League education for both (Both Bush and Obama had Harvard educations); and a persistence of the operating levels of the Federal Government no matter who is in charge. Somehow my friends have a fierce distrust of "business" despite the relative dispersal of control, but have trust in a monolithic government with the power to legally use deadly force. I don't get it.

¹ I put Liberal in quotes, because the meaning has changed so in today's usage. Where Liberal was once Libertarian and on the side of the individual freedom of man, now it is about collectivism, restriction, control, and group identities, in other word, Fascist.
² I know this seems contradictory, but in not doing it, society sentences the victims rather than the perpetrators to death.
³ Here we go again. If England, Cuba, and Canada are so great, Not only why do their leaders come here for treatment, but what great advancements in medicine have come from those systems?
⁴ It seems perhaps the goal of the social planners is the same as the psychosis of some AIDS victims - the deliberate spread of the disease?


luxomni said...

Perhaps of all the people I have known who blindly have faith in Liberal Progressive Government compassion is a woman I went to school with who had both Cerebral Palsy and Poliomyelitis. A woman who would have been selected for elimination under the eugenic plans of her philosophic heroes. But still she shows a blind spot toward the excesses of excessive unanswerable concentrated power in the hands of people who believe they know better than you. She believes that an organization can care. Joan, their compassion comes at a price ... your soul. Only individual people are capable of caring.

Matt Dickinson said...

Glenn Beck gets all his ideas from Alex Jones.

luxomni said...

I know Alex Jones thinks so.