Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lazyness Is Not a Disability

Spare me from tubs of lard on Hoverounds.

I recently had the unmitigated joy of going to Disneyworld. It used to have a very efficient transportation system. Step out from your hotel room and short a bus or a water taxi would come and in moments wisk you away to one of the theme parks or other Disney delights.

Now, the world comes to a stop for people in electric wheel chairs. "You three give up your seats so they can be folded up to stow the electric cart; and you two give up your seat so he can sit down. There will be another bus in ten to twenty minutes."

Does it sound compassionate? Well, it isn't. These are not truly handicapped people. There is no clearing of eligibility for these people as there is with the red and blue handicapped placards at the DMV. The truly disabled have their own wheelchairs; and in many cases pride themselves on walking with crutches or canes. No, these are the fat and lazy who rent the carts as much for the extra privilege of access by going to the front of the queue lines as for the laziness of hauling their fat carcasses around. These are people who could use the extra expenditure of energy to forestall their inevitable appearance on America's Biggest Loser.

One can only long for the day that Obama's medical panels decide that joint replacement surgery is declared cost ineffective and no longer offered, so that these people can have the legal right to their ADA use.

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Lizzy said...

I'll one up you. When I was in a cast I had to go to the dreaded Wallyworld. There was ONE cart left for me to use. And it ran out of juice half way through the store. One of the employees saw me stranded and said "oh that sucks" and walked off