Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where are Proportion and Consistancy?

As I was driving between jobs this morning, I noticed three police cars arranged in a semi-circle blocking off a through road nearby. As I drove on I passed a police command-and-control truck as large as a fire truck racing toward the scene. But, a little further away on a side street I found the front of a sub-division where one of my schools is located blocked.
I went on to my destination, another school and went about my business. Later, I found out what the scare was about: a woman threw a box under a bus while both were stopped at a stoplight; and the bus had proceeded on to its destination, a minor elementary school. Now, when the police are called they must do their thing and go by the book. But who called and why? Did a student on the bus exaggerate someone littering to avoid a test or overdue homework? Or did some passerby see someone dispose of their McDonald's breakfast out the window? Or maybe, it was a serious but inefficient serious threat from the bus driver's jilted spouse or lover? In any reasonable event, it was not an international jihadi terrorist going to claim her 72 virgins at Minor Elementary.

But all this is prelude to my point. After hearing the news report on the radio I spoke with several people at a nearby middle school who were all of the opinion that we can't be too careful in this day and age, it just might be a Muslim terrorist. Now why the Muslim extremists would pick this minor elementary, Minor Elementary, I have no idea. World Trade Center, Pentagon, Eiffel Tower I can see. But a minor school in the middle of nowhere in suburban Atlanta? Why start here?

But even this is only prelude. MY real observation is that these women that are telling me that there is every reason to always fear the worst about the possibility of terrorists attacking this group of kindergarteners through fifth graders are the very same ones by whom I recently was lectured about how the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on 9/11 were Bush's staged inside jobs. Now, which is it? Are they out to get us or aren't they? Or are they only really out to get us if a Democrat is President?

But seriously, ladies, if the world is that scary and fearful a place, maybe you better go home and hide under your bed - all day, every day.

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clzuhde said...

ovastersThe only reason a Muslim terroist group would attack this school would be IF they had staged the same thing throughout the country at various other schools. That in turn would, of course even if told not to do so, cause parents to congregate at the school...not to mention 'rubber neckers'...leaving a really nice, large target for extermination. I can now call them terrorists because today DHS Sec. Napolitano (I doubt related to the Judge on FOX News) stated, "If they are Al Queda (ok, I can't spell it and nothing looks right) or Al Quida (still doesn't look right) type affiliates, if not then a terrorist I don't know who is."