Wednesday, September 29, 2010


(Let me be the gloom preceding everyone's doom)

In life as in chess, moves sometimes are inevitable and unavoidable after a point. I think politically we are there now. Everyone is so relieved that the Republicans are (most likely) going to retake the House of Representatives and Senate in six weeks. But let me tell you how it will play out due to a fifth column press and unthinking gullible voters.

The lame duck House and Senate will ram through a number of seriously damaging pieces of legislation in the remaining weeks of 2010, "Cap and Trade", "Card Check", "Amnesty for illegal aliens" and probably more. President Obama will sign them immediately. The incoming House and Senate will try to rescind or repeal those nation-destroying bills of the 111th Congress.

The President will veto them.

The press will demonize the 112th Congress for being against the common man even though most of the new laws that they are trying to overturn benefit certain elite groups and individuals.

There will be insufficient voting strength to overturn the veto.

The new laws of the 111th congress will further deteriorate the economic state of the US, with expatriation of the super-wealthy, with collapse of the remaining industrial base, and disruptions in fuel and food supply.

The whole time the press will excoriate the 112th Congress for the damage they have have done in exact counterpoint to how they blamed Bush for the damage of the 110th Congress.

And finally, debt will collapse the US dollar which will render moot the U. S. Constitution and leave George Soros, Obama, and Obama's brownshirts* (who are currently mobilizing for an anti-tea-party march in Washington DC) to step-in to fill the void to the thanks and the cheers of the ignorant American underclasses, the press, and the newest political elites.

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