Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sorry I haven't been posting ...

...I've had other things on my mind and have been stretched a little too thin.

Mother is in Emory Eastside Hospital in Snellville again for a flare-up of her congestive heart failure and has been for about ten days. She is doing a lot better now after the did a thoracentesis and removed most of the water from her lungs. The rest they are trying to remove with Lasix®. Personally, I wish they had done a paracentesis also as that really made the difference last time.

I truly believe the culprit to be Bernoulli. His principle combined with the constant high humidity this winter and her oxygen have caused the moisture in the air to precipitate out into her lungs. The water in her lungs and abdomen is pressing on her heart which like the jaws of an alligator only has muscles to contract and nothing to extend save the relaxation of tension.

My mother is 89 years old. Will they still be allowed to treat us when we are 89?

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