Saturday, March 27, 2010

Agent provocateur

Interesting, I have not heard once the suggestion that there might be any agents provocateur out there amongst those dangerous revolutionary tea party people. Could it be that it is just too dangerous for the agents to expose themselves to the risk of those violent senior adults? Or could it be that just as I would stand out at a Berkeley anti-{insert cause of the day here} rally they might appear out-of-place? Or do you suppose it could be that the press does not wish to plant the suggestion in our minds that our Chicago politicians in charge could be so devious as to have their own planted agents hurl the epithets that they fear so much?
Like Nancy Pelosi says, she saw this in San Francisco in the seventies and it scared her. I had forgotten how the straights, the seniors, the family people, the employed, the homeowners, and the parents had rioted in San Francisco in the seventies. By the way Nancy, where were you standing when it scared you? Too close to the front of the mob? Did those policemen standing in front keeping you from destroying everything scare you?

Those seniors, family people, employed, homeowners, and parents standing out in front of "your" Capitol are trying to protect their pensions, homes, businesses, and children's futures from Representatives who represent their own interests rather than those who elected them. Representatives like you, Nancy, whose arrogance knows no bounds.

Atlanta Representative John Lewis and the Congressional Black Caucus went trolling for racial slurs in amongst the protesters last week and claim to have found 15 of them in amongst the thousands of people in front of the Capitol. Unfortunately neither of their cameras nor those of the press or anyone else managed to capture them. Next time they will place them better. Do you suppose it just might be because race wasn't the issue? Did they miss the point that the protest is over deficit spending, representatives who do not follow the will of their constituents, and ever increasing government power, and not race? Has Representative Lewis become so blind he cannot read the signs and only believes his own hype? Are his ears so closed that he doesn't even know what the protesters are really saying as he hears only the "N-word" that he wants to hear?

The (ever so less than) mainstream news has been trying to pump up the public perception of the violence of those against the non-representative actions of their Representatives. They miss one point though: those people are us, and we know what's in our hearts; and so far, it is not violence. It is simply: we want our government to leave us alone to take care of our own life, liberty, and persuit of happiness.

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