Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monopoly Money

It only became a pun by accident. I hadn't meant to. I was really referring to the various classes of money that historically circulated in the US before we put all out eggs in one FIAT currency basket. I have more faith in the six classes of money that circulated prior to the Depression, and in particular the two that kept the fiat group from running wild like we do now. There were Gold and Silver certificates, each backed by metal of their face value. There were National currency of the Federal Reserve type and the various local National Bank type. There were United States Notes, our very own fiat currency, and there was the Federal Reserve Note (private corporation) fiat currency. Had the politicians and bankers not gotten greedy and played fast and loose with trying to get themselves more than their share of our national wealth, they would all still be in existence to ride herd over each other to keep our currency honest.

Now we have a monopoly on money, and our money is fast becoming Monopoly money, because our politicians and bankers truly believe it all belongs to them except what the suffer us to have, and that is becoming less.

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