Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"eBay Sellers Charge Too Much"

I have recently read (and watched) a number of complaints about the prices people ask for things on eBay and Craigslist. I do not understand the anger. Or maybe I do. The American People no longer understand free - as in freedom and free market. The only understand free as in without cost or without responsibility.
SouthernLibertyAmer complains of eBay seller charging too much for silver. The answer is simple - buy somewhere else or don't buy at all. There is no requirement that a seller must sell to you at a price you are willing to pay - just as there is none that you meet his. That is Capitalism. Contracts are a meeting of the minds.

America has become a short-sighted nation, and stingy too. This stinginess gives us the WalMart effect, choking out customer service and ultimately our own livelihoods. We give no thoughts to the expenses and profit of those who provide services to us. We are entitled to the fruits of their labor. Profit is the eighth forbidden word. Sellers are "the evil rich". BUT, when they consider it uneconomical to sell, they withdraw their services, they cease. And we are the poorer for it. Take away their profit - you take away their reason to exist, their reason to do the work necessary to provide for you. They have something you want or need and you feel they must give it to you on the basis of your need. You wish for them to be your slave. Once more, there is a word for that - Communism.

For the record, I have never sold any silver nor offered any for sale.

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