Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Time Has Come

The nights are starting to be below freezing.
Christmas is coming.

Time for the TV News to start pouring out for display its shows of compassion.
It is time to collect toys for the children of crack ho's rather than taking custody of the children.

And it is time for the supreme show of compassion. It is time for the homeless shelter stories -- pictures of suburban white housewives volunteering, putting sheets and blankets on the beds at the shelter while the future beneficiary of that indoor bed stands impatiently waiting. A homeless person so pitiful that he can't even make his own bed.

As my friend Eddie once told me "the poor are different than you or me, they are poor." To which I responded, "at what income level do you wipe you face?"

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clzuhde said...

And again, the lady makes the poor person's bed as he watches...socialism rears it's ugly head. Do not help them to learn to make their own bed. Make them dependent instead on others to do for them.