Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Archway Cookies - a Christmas Miracle

I just found out that Archway Cookies shut its doors about six weeks ago and that Lance Cookies has bought the remains and is going to reopen it. But more important, they sent a Christmas present to all the employees who had been dismissed - a $1500 prepaid debit card.

I cannot help but think that the fact that Lance is from Charlotte, North Carolina, has something to do with it. I could do one of my essays about the illogical and stingy things that are bringing us to this point, but I will do that in a separate essay, so as not to steal the thunder of Lance's good deed. Let me just say that as a transplanted Yankee who has lived in the South for many years, that these people, Southern United States citizens, so maligned by the media and the people of the Coast-wise Megalopolises as rubes and bigots are truly the salt of the earth.

For now, I am going to buy and share more Lance crackers and cookies.

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Cameron said...

In a time when "CEO" is a 3 letter bad word, David Singer CEO of Lance Inc. needs to be recognized for his leadership by his example. This is the action that cannot go unrewarded. I am hoping there is a ground swell of action from America to come and support this company for what they have done. To show, that if you "do the right thing" you will be rewarded. I will be ordering cases of Archway cookies to send out to the troops, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and local food banks. Enclosed within each shipment there will be an explanation why they are receiving these cookies; as part of an effort to reward a man and a company for "doing the right thing."
Virginia, USA