Saturday, November 30, 2013

About 4 years ago I posted about an incident at the Swiss Italian border involving two Asian men "smuggling" bonds from Italy to Switzerland. Nothing was mentioned in the American press and that astounded me. At the time it was claimed that they were counterfeit, a claim I could not accept, because what could the bonds be copied from?
Now I have found that we also heard nothing about the suit to recover the bonds. There is a suit by the agent for the "Dragon" cartel that owned them. Here is the link to the 114 page pdf document of the OFFICIAL LAWSUIT! I suppose a trillion dollar lawsuit isn't worth mentioning in the news anymore.

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From PAGE 5 OF 114

"This is a civil claim arising out of the concerted, knowing, malicious scheme and 
international conspiracy engaged in by the Defendants for the designed purpose of defrauding 
plaintiff KEENAN, the designated Agent of his Principal, the "Dragon Family," for the express 
purpose of expropriating, stealing and converting certain negotiable financial instruments 
lawfully owned by the Dragon Family and entrusted to KEENAN in early 2009. These assets 
(hereinafter referred to as the "Dragon Family Financial Instruments" or the "DFFI") had been 
intended for participation in select, registered and authorized Private Placement Investment 
Programs (or "PPPs " ) for the benefit of a wide range of global humanitarian purposes. At the 
time of the criminal and deceitful acts of the Defendants, the approximate face value of the 
stolen DFFI was One Hundred Forty-Five and One Half Billion ($145,500,000,000.00) United 
States Dollars with an approximate accrued interest value of One Trillion 
($1,000,000,000,000.00) United States Dollars"

I will post more after I have a chance to do a little follow up research. Oh, well, I didn't want to sleep anyway

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luxomni said...

PAGE 104 OF 114

"(1) Defendant UNITED NATIONS knowingly and actively
participated in the fraud when it agreed to offer a bribe to KEENAN in the amount of$100 Million USD in an effort to obtain KEENAN' s cooperation in the fraudulent scheme, for its own benefit, those of its representatives, including defendants BAN KI-moon, for the benefit of defendants, the ITALIAN REPUBLIC, and its representatives, including defendants BERLUSCONI, RAGAGLINI, MIRACHIAN and the ITALIAN FINANCIAL POLICE, and for
the benefit of the WEF andlor WEF USA, and its representative, defendants BRUNO, and for the benefit of othets presently unknown, who participated in and aided and abetted the criminal enterprise."