Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Luck? Good Grief.

On my way out the door to a special overtime job yesterday evening, my supervisor wished me "Good luck". It was casually said, a greeting really. But it struck me odd. I am good at what I do - and it isn't luck.
"Good grief", I replied, "or good skill or good job. Good God. Good night. Or even Good riddance; but not good luck."
Little of our lot in life is really luck. Most, good or bad, is the result of our decisions and our actions. Little of our adversity is luck either - most of it is the result of the self-serving actions of other men - most recently the Government providing impediments to our good actions in the named of the so-called "Public Good" which is neither truly benefiting all mankind equally nor good for us as a people.
But one thing it is not ... is Luck.

Good Day.


Matthew Scott Dickinson Stalepie said...

I hope I'm related to this Sinclair inventor

Are his photos any good?

Anonymous said...

"Good luck" is an Asian thing. When I got my hair cut at Supercuts the other day, the asian woman haircutter said "good luck" at some point, I remember, and I just know this is true. Don't give me that shit about how you never think about race 'cause I remember when marianne told me you tell jokes like "asians look like they've been hit in the face with a frying pan" and I thought that was a funny.

I like all races.

luxomni said...

Actually, the face thing was about a particular Asian. And guess who the source of the comment was? The lady herself, bemoaning her own looks. I still thought she was wonderful.

But I am not sure I would want a barber saying "good Luck" whilst cutting my hair, any more that "Mazel Tov" would be a good wish at a wedding. Sometimes you should not rely on luck.

MAtt said...

I just kissed my cat and then I said Mazel Tov.

Matt said...

Now my cat -- or at least a moment ago -- was biting on one of the plastic blade things of my Freddy Krueger glove, that my mom gave me for my birthday last October.

I looked at him and then he looked up at me.. as if to ask "So what?" or "OK?" and I just kept staring and then he went back to biting and licking it.

CATS: They should be eaten.

Now he just breathed out of his nose angrily.