Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Will of the People

If Democracy is "the will of the people", why are so many of their plans so unpopular? And why is it necessary so often for the politicians to lie to us, and to distract us?

All week the idiot box has treated us to populist ire to AIG's retention bonuses which 1) were approved by AIG prior to the bailout; 2) were inserted into the bailout bill/stimulus package by Christopher Dodd who lied about it when first questioned; 3) approved by the Senate, House of Representatives, and the President of the United States; and 4) a demonstration of the utter contempt with which those same organizations hold the United States Constitution. And yet, it was just a misdirection so we would not see the bigger scandals and thefts of out wealth in the background. More that 70% of the population disapprove of the bailout and stimulus action. Where is "the will of the people" party?

If more than 80% of the population want off-shore drilling, why doesn't "the will of the people" party follow the will of the people?

Why do they preach Global Warming, and Greenhouse Gases, and Smartcar deathtraps and fly in giant aircraft (a Gulfstream is too small?)

Why do they want to keep me from having guns when they have armed guards?

When illegal aliens were invading the United States (aren't they still?)why was "the will of the people" party fighting us every inch of the way?

Why is the "the will of the people" party robbing the common man and his children and grandchildren to help out the poor bankers and brokers?

Maybe because the "the will of the people" party is really a group of elitist snobs, who know better than you do what is good for you and in the name of "the will of the people" will see to it you take your medicine ... even if they don't.

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